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Boston Advance Cleaner (30 ml)

Boston Advance Cleaner (30 ml)
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Boston Advance Cleaner (detergent) from Bausch+Lomb

Visibly, tinted formula. Gas-permeable especially for hard contact lenses.

The product cannot be used with soft contact lenses!

  • Instructions

    1. Wash hands with mild soap.

    2. Rub both sides of the lenses carefully with two to four (4) drops of Boston ADVANCE Cleaner in the palm of your hand for twenty (20) seconds.


    4. Place lenses in empty lens case and fill with fresh Boston ADVANCE Comfort Formula Conditioning Solution. Soak lenses for at least four (4) hours (or overnight) before wearing. Always use fresh solution for soaking and storing lenses.

    5. After removing lenses from the lens case, apply fresh conditioning solution to wet the lenses for additional cushioning, if desired, and insert.

    6. Thoroughly clean interior of lens case with hot water and air dry after each use.

    7. Discard solution ninety (90) days after opening. Record date opened in space provided on bottle label. Note: When used daily, this solution will be depleted before ninety (90) days.

    8. For weekly protein removal, use Boston One Step liquid Enzymatic Cleaner.

    9. Lens cases should be replaced frequently to avoid potential microbial contamination and ocular irritation.


    Boston ADVANCE Cleaner

    A sterile, concentrated, homogeneous surfactant solution containing alkyl ether sulfate, ethoxylated alkyl phenol, tri-quaternary cocoa-based phospholipid and silica gel as cleaning agents; with titanium dioxide.

    Boston ADVANCE Conditioning Solution

    A sterile, aqueous, buffered, slightly hypertonic solution containing a cationic cellulose derivative polymer, a cellulosic viscosifier, polyvinyl alcohol and a derivatized polyethylene glycol as wetting and cushioning agents; preserved with chlorhexidine gluconate (0.003%), polyaminopropyl biguanide (0.0005%) and edetate disodium (0.05%).


    • Do not use this solution if patient is allergic to any ingredient in this product.
    • Not For Use With Soft (Hydrophilic) Contact Lenses.


    • Discard solution 90 days after opening.
    • Store this solution at room temperature. Avoid freezing.
    • Use before expiration date on the container.
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    Bausch + Lomb
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