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Synergi (60 ml)

Synergi (60 ml)
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The Oxipol™ is a synergistic combination of cleaning, disinfecting and moisturizing ingredients.

  • The cleansing component is fat-specific, but also removal of protein and capable for cleaning, rinsing and storage during the process. The cleaning and rinsing is necessary to ensure perfect hygiene.

    The antiseptic ingredient is present in the maintenance of a stable chlorite-oxo complexes which is this way harmless to the eyes.

    This compound is oxygen, salt and water decomposes during the disinfection time and in the eyes as well.

    The original position of molecular oxygen very well contributes to the healthy functioning of cells of the cornea.The Synergi is excellently effective against all threatening eye infection.

    The lubricant located in Oxipol ensuring the lens surface to more effectively absorb moisture, thereby facilitating the insertion level of comfort.

    Adding the clinically proven viscosity increasing component, HPMC will ensure throughout the day during lens wear comfort. The Synergi specifically for sensitive eyes should also be recommended.

    The Synergi is a safe, non-allergic lotion, which can re-wet your lenses during the day. This allows the lens to remain below the maximum comfortable during the wearing period.

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